Elin K


Elin K – melancholic electronic dream pop from Sweden 

Elin K did her debut as a solo artist in Spring 2017 with the single Strange Flowers. She creates her own charismatic and dreamy atmospheric world and writes from personal experiences and thoughts of life.

“Elin K’s music has influences of Lana Del Ray and Badalamenti, with a very own unique voice that bites its hold of the listener.. Strange Flowers is cinematic and dreamy, almost like stepping into another world, a world where you want to be a while and listen to more.” -Robin Mortensen Lynch. 

Elin K went into music at the age of 6 and became a skilled violinist, She’s a discoverer personally as well as in the music – who does not allow herself to be placed in compartments. Life is a journey to maintain the openness of new experiences and forms of expression. “The music is just an expression of what you feel and experience,” she says, “I could have chosen what form of expression whatsoever, pictures, art, writing, but the music has always been an important part of my life.”

Elin K worked with the producers Vanessa Lifting (Wu tan clan) & Robin Mortensen Lynch (Sting, Pink) amongst others, “I like working close to my colleagues, being involved with the decisions in production, mix and master,” says Elin.

Elin K toured in LA (Youbloom) and Eastern Europe, played at Swedish National Radio 4 & prestigious music festival Way out West. She was one of the funder of a feminist soul club in Gothenburg city.


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