Jack Moy & Glöden

Upplands Väsby is not exactly a world metropolis, but when it comes to music there are not many towns with a better pedigree. Top class Swedish artists such as Europe, Candlemass and Yngwie Malmsteen are all local boys and now Väsby has a new name to add to the list – Jack Moy & Glöden!

With an unmistakable sound influenced by folk pop and a live act that has been raising roofs on the way to receiving rave reviews, this Väsby band has started to get noticed. Quite a few bands playing folk-influenced music have had international success over the past few years, but Sweden has not had anything to offer…until now!

During the autumn of 2013 the band released their second EP “One Smoke Left But Miles To Go”, which included the single “They Told Me So”. The single created a media buzz and was played on Sweden’s national radio, now the boys are back with a new single “Charlie’s Bird”. Open the windows, turn up the volume and revel in the raw energy that is JACK MOY & GLÖDEN!


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