Les Gordons


In the Swedish city of Örebro Jonatan Renström and Albert Björliden formed The Gordons back in 2009. The Gordons’ energetic indie/pop/rock led to much appraisal, and many live shows both in and outside Örebro followed. The current line­up was established in 2012 and includes the addition of Carl Ragnemyr, Andreas Persson and David Runebjörk. The band did one last show together as The Gordons and then changed their name to the more unique Les Gordons.

2013 was a busy year for the band with gigs in the Swedish cities of Örebro, Stockholm and Uppsala.

The website Örebroguiden commented: ”The band is one of the most positive surprises of the summer and a huge vitamin­injection into the rock scene of Örebro”.

Among other places in the capital city of Stockholm, the classic stage Fasching was visited, and a following started to form. The band managed to acquire a street team and a very positive writing on the music blog Ode To Mando Diao. Mando Diao is one of the Swedish bands that Les Gordons keeps getting compared to. Niklas Folkesson at theSwedish radio show P3 Osignat said the following in March 2014: “… I want to compare them to a young Mando Diao. That means a lot of attitude, energy, uptempo, pop rock with lots of guitars and drums.”.

Another frequent comparison is with Swedens garage­rock legends The Hives. For one Håkan Petterson, who is the author of the blog Håkans Pop, claimed the band to be ”…Hives with more pop” after visiting a live show.

During 2014 the band started recording their self­titled debut album, but also found themselves playing a charity show in Örebro, the big Uport Festival(around 10.000 visitors in that year) , as well as local clubs and the showcase festival Live at Heart in Örebro.

The album Les Gordons was released in early 2015 and led to a very active year for the band. The last summer included festival shows, an acoustic tour – and new material that is aiming to take the band even further.

In October, the band took their biggest step forward yet, with a US Tour. The band was invited to play several shows at the Culture Collide festival, which took them to both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Les Gordons also managed to perform live at the legendary Whisky A Go­Go ­ a show that was filmed and recorded and will be the source of more live material.

It is with great confidence and new exciting material that the band now is expanding their horizon.

As for 2016, Les Gordons will kick­start the year with an upcoming single and video, perform live shows ­ and later in the year start to assemble new material into another album.

Les Gordons is the band that always deliver more than you expect. You wont forget going to a Les Gordons show!