Mother Mink


Mother Mink is a music duo based in Stockholm created the autumn of 2016. The band plays experimental indie pop with both electronic and acoustic elements. A big part of the music has been created by distorted saxophones, clarinets and dirty beats.

Mother Mink’s music can be described as a cross between punk, pop and indie. The music is theatrical, humoristic and has many interesting melodies. The musical referenses of the band comes from everything from jazz to punk. Their estetics is described by themselves as a ”kitchy, dirty and glamorous plastic world”.

On the stage Mother Mink wants to convey musical chaos where a qualitative freak show is their artistic goal. To achieve this Mother Mink often invites other crazy musicians to join them. They themselves describe their music as an explosion of art.

The original source of inspiration of the band comes from the plastic in all the seas of the world and several songs treat themes around the artificial and exaggerated world we live in. Their first single ”Monkeys” is about the mass death of bees caused by mankind.

Their second single ”Doobie Doobie” is a catchy song with references to Quentin Tarantino’s films. The song contains everything from horn arrangements, opera, Fanny’s singing and cut up electric guitars that sound like a machine gun.

Their music has earlier been described as:

”A crazy but successful cross between ragtime, variety and punk. It sounds like a kind of happy – go –crazy pop punk from the future. Refreshing and catchy.”
I Lasses kvarter, Jonas Färnlöf, concert organizer and producer.

”The first song is called ”Monkeys” and is an experimental indie pop hit with sounds from flutes, acoustic guitars and lovely lo-fi drums amongst other things. Clap friendly deluxe!”

The group consists of Fanny Wistrand and Johan Axelsson.
Fanny Wistrand is a culture chameleon who makes music, dances step dancing, plays children’s theater and has hidden talents such as being an old Swedish champion in voltige, acrobatics on horseback.

Johan Axelsson has his roots in garage punk that then developed to jazz with his saxophone. Johan is a personal songwriter and is also frequently hired as wind player and has played together with many famous Swedish artists.

In the catlog is ”Doobie Doobie”