NORTHLIGHT is a Swedish rockband made out of four members and a great ambition to write music that truly touches people by their heart. The band was formed back in 2012 by bassplayer Per Eresund and lead singer Victor Bergh during high school where they were classmates. Together with lead guitarist Fredrik Andersson and drummer Johan Lööf the quartet was complete. In January 2015 they released their first single Scars which soon was followed by the four-song EP Wide Awake Dreamer, including the song One Man Land which made it in on Sweden’s biggest chart for unsigned bands, P3 Osignat top 10. The band’s success on P3 would soon continue when their second single Shy stayed in the top of the chart for the maximum five weeks in a row. Later the same year the single Fly (Like a Sun Upon the Sky) was released which gave the band airtime on local radio station P4 Värmland.

2017 was kicked off with the new single In the Night which quickly became a streaming success with over 30 000 streams in less than two weeks. During the summer NORTHLIGHT was signed to the Stockholm-based music publishing company Musichelp where they in June released their latest single In This City.

In between the releases the band have been playing on several major both European and Swedish festivals like INmusic festival (Croatia), Ungdomsringens Musikfestival (Denmark), Putte i Parken (Sweden), Arvika Hamnfest (Sweden) and Luleå Hamnfestival (Sweden). Besides this the band has been frequently occurring in Swedish musicblogs like PopmuzikBlaskanRockfarbror and Musikfeber. Even the Spanish music-site Top Playlists started showing interest in the Swedish group and wrote an article about the band due to the release of In the Night. As NORTHLIGHT was booked to several larger festivals during the spring of 2017 they now received more attention from media. The local newspapper Värmlands Folkblad wrote an article about the band’s upcoming show on Putte i Parken and in NWT the band is described by Johan Carlsson on Studiefrämjandet as one of the bands he believes the most will succeed within the near future.

At the moment NORTHLIGHT is working on their second EP and three new singles are promised to be released in the autumn and winter of 2017. In September the band’s playing on the prestigious showcase Live at Heart.