State of Grace


Consists of Erik Ekblad, Erik Johansson, Hampus Johansson och Johan Nelén. They are all from the small village Heby outside Uppsala, Sweden.

The band entered the stage first time in 2010 and has since then shared stages with Melody Club, Soundtrack of our lives, Tove Styrke, Status Quo, This is Head, Brolle, June Divided and more.

Apart from their own releases, they have written and produced music for commercials, TV and big events. For instance one of Coca Cola’s international commercial campaigns.

The first recognition they got was through the Swedish version of Battle of bands where they were announced as Swedens most talented unsigned live act in 2011. Since then, tours have went through Sweden, Finland, Germany, USA and Canada.

They are signed on publisher Musichelp and record label Ninetone Records, but have also been signed on India’s largest label Times Music and German Kanoon Records.

Their singles Chemical and For Your Heart have reached iTunes third and fourth place as the most downloaded music in Sweden.