Tale the Rapper


Once upon a time a child was born in Stockholm, Sweden. The year was 1990, the month September. 13 years later this child picked up a pen and started writing poems. The infatuation for words and lyricism continued steadily throughout the years.

One rainy day he accidentally pushed play on a stereo out of curiosity. What came out of the speakers was Eminem – Stan. This very moment a new rap artist was born who would later be referred to as Tale the rapper.

The years passed by as he worked in silence on perfecting his lyrical abilities. Constantly rapping and trying new flows. He released several singles, EP’s and albums under a different name.

The time came where he felt comfortable. He was good. No, he was really good. He decided to start over. Thus – Tale the Rapper was born.

This Stockholm-based rapper has a vicious technique when it comes to lyrics and flow. In a time where rap seem to have forgotten what rap is and is more about who has the biggest chain, Tale comes in as a fresh breeze with his lyrical focused rap. Expect everything from rock-influenced tracks to the latest pop-bangers to dubstep when Tale releases new music. Tale isn’t a genre, Tale is rap on whatever.